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Mar 202013
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I was given this birds nest, complete with eggs, and I felt quite sad that it had been abandoned for what ever reason. I showed it to my grandchildren and naturally they were delighted to see the eggs still inside, but I wanted more for this abandoned home…there was beauty in this seemingly random mess and I wanted to show it as a “fine art” creation, which it richly deserved.

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  6 Responses to “The Nest – Ann Bastion”

  1. Ann you certainly have made it fine art, you have a perfect ‘backing’ for the nest.

  2. Lovely gentle creation, Ann

  3. Ann, what moves the birds nest from its functional aspect into your minds eye of fine art??

    • Thank you all for your kind comments, sorry I haven’t replied sooner but I have only just found it had been put up here.
      Pauline, you asked what moves the nest from its functional aspect to fine art in my mind……Its in the way I have chosen to “present” it with a sympathetic supportive background rather than just a record shot of a nest, in other words, its all about the nest and what it tells us.

  4. Welcome Anne! Gentle colours and texture, honours the nest creator. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  5. You have handled this with sensitivity and created a permanent and beautiful memory.

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