Crossing Places : Self Portrait

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Mar 192013
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Floating above myself. Not really real. In that inbetween place. Between one place and the next.

The last few weeks have been about reconnecting with family, our physical separation over the past year has had the curious effect of “out of sight, out of mind” although not quite as drastic as that sounds. Geographically we have always been close, so it's been a bit different over the last couple of years not to see them regularly. As our children have grown and dispersed the problem has multiplied.

I spent some time talking with my father about his father at the request of my daughter who is now exploring her roots to find her own sense of place. As she settles, we find ourselves unsettling, wanting to live in the inbetween. Nowhere and everywhere.


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  3 Responses to “Crossing Places : Self Portrait”

  1. Jen – I enjoyed this image and the words.
    It made me think a bit about changing phases in life. Reflecting back I realised that I have not generally recognised a change while it is happening, just when Im in a new place.

    • Yes, I guess what is different for us at this time is that rather than going from one place(state) TO another, we are just going from one at this point with no fixed intent to go TO something so the change state becomes our reality. And we become much more aware of the transition because that’s all there is. And, I guess, all life is really anyway!

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