To catch a cranefly

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Mar 142013
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Not being the greatest housekeeper in the world, my attention was drawn to a large spider web untidily blowing across the inside wall of our house entranceway.  It must have been quite prolific since it had caught thistle down and a cranefly but obviously had escaped my housewife's eye.  Luckily my photographer's eye shouted, “Look at that !!!  Look at how the light casts the most amazing shadow of the web on the wall.”  I loved how the shadow and the object became almost impossible to tell apart.  Do we photograph light or shadow ?? 

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  3 Responses to “To catch a cranefly”

  1. The answer to your question is Yes….

    I hope you didnt clean this off

  2. Me too! But you know that. Just loved this from a distance before I saw what it was. Monochromatic and looked like abstract scribbles before I zoomed in to see the detail. Nature makes wonderful pictures.

  3. Agree with Ian, yes.

    I admire your environmental insect catcher. Don’t remove it else you will need spray!

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