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Mar 102013
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Dave’s last Post

For a number of reasons, which basically relate to him working too hard, Dave has decided that he is unable to put the effort that he would like to put into his aGathering posts, and will withdraw from the group.

We are sorry to see him go but we also accept that a significant commitment is required to make regular posts. When other commitments necessarily take priority something has to give.

Since we began aGathering Dave has regularly shown us that he is much more than the technique driven photographer that he sometimes claims to be. There is no doubt that Dave is a “people person”.  When he “captures the essence of his experiences with people” his images sing.

Dave, we have all at some time and in some way been in the place you now find yourself. Our cameras have been left on the shelf.

However, no matter how you feel right now, you are a photographer. It is part of you.

So one day, hopefully soon, you will have the space to answer the call and pick up that camera.


Ian Walls.

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  1. It’s been a delight to have begun to know you through your photographic work, and a greater delight to have met you in person. Never did I think I would be convinced to purchase a tripod and look how easily you were able to do that for me. You can be sure that whenever I set up that tripod I will always be able to smile at that day we were all crowded into the tiny room of Photo and Video in the aftermath of the christchurch earthquakes and coming away having purchased my new toy. Bless you.

  2. Dear Dave. Just remember that you need to record your family moments and your history. Those portraits you are so good at – can be fun. Just put the fun back into fotography and record your life as it progresses – but try and leave the “perfectionist” behind. It isn’t easy – And I do KNOW THAT. Take care . . .

  3. Dave, I know thats it got to the point of you not being able to stay involved but I sincerely thank you for your contribution to the group over the last 18 months. You have in no small part inspired the rest of us and I know that now I cant look at a B&W portrait without thinking how would Dave have done it 🙂
    Little do you know but Im not giving up on you being involved and can assure all that I am going to be hounding Dave for the odd guest post when time allows him to be creative as we all know he can be.
    Once your part of this community it doesnt matter what you do we are not letting you go off into the distance.
    Find that mojo that has left you and grow dude!!!!!!

  4. All the best hope to see you posting guest posts, thank you for sharing your images with us, it has been an pleasure.:)

  5. Many thanks for the kind words and inspiration over the last 18 months to everyone who contributes, both images and comments.

    I realized after seeing the quality of work showing up here on a regular basis that I was not able to keep up creatively. Not because of a lack of ideas, but a lack of life balance. Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Photography… that is my preferred order and I have not been allocating any of those sufficient time to grow for the last year or so. I am indeed looking to find my mojo again and actually execute some of the ideas in my head.

    Ferg, you’ve done an awesome thing here and I’m proud to have been associated with the community.

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