Flowers for Len

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Mar 072013
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Today we said goodbye to Len.

I photographed and talked about him in this post.

Len has been very frail for some time. It has been difficult for us all to see him like this when he was such an active man in his earlier days. So although we feel great sadness there is an element of relief that his journey has ended.

So at the moment our house has many flowers.

Len was a great gardener and his house was often filled with flowers from his garden.

So, although I am not flower photographer, for me photographing Lens flowers was a great way to say my goodbye.

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  5 Responses to “Flowers for Len”

  1. Very lovely 🙂

  2. Thinking of you Ailsa, as we let our parents go. Just last night I was having a conversation about dying and the comment was made to me that: “Our bodies are like umbilical cords, they connect our earth mind with our souls. When we die the umbilical cord is severed, releasing our soul from the earth mind.” I like that analogy, it rests easily with me.

  3. Special tribute Ian.

  4. great flower shot… I didn’t know Len, but I’m sure he would have appreciated the vibrancy and life you have captured here in this flower.

  5. Flowers are so meaningful at times like this. Maybe it’s their impermanent nature. They bloom , are stunningly beautiful and die, but the plant still lives on. I think that each human life may well be like that. The soul goes on to flower again.

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