One man and his dog

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Mar 052013
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As a “dog person” I think there is nothing stronger than the link between a man and his dog.
A dog will do anything to please its owner in just the hope of a nibble of something to eat or in hope of the simplest of signs of affection.
Working dogs have the worst of it, the slave all day working their butts off in the hope of a small sign of love, sometimes its possible to see more than that.

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  3 Responses to “One man and his dog”

  1. yay, it’s about our ability to develop intimacy in our relationships. I’ve just been thinking about the 5 languages of love. Apparently we respond best to just one or two of these languages. They involve the expressing or receiving of love through 1. touch 2. words 3. spending quality time with the person 4. gifts 5. performing a service. Which of the above moves your heart the most when you experience it. For me it is when someone does something for me, particularly when I am struggling, don’t want to ask for help but the person spontaneously offers it. Makes me cry.

  2. I spent nearly 15 years as a high country musterer, in this time i had around 60 different dogs that I owned. Some I had from Pups till they died, some I sold on, we didnt get on, some died due to accidents,but for all those dogs I can honestly say that I had 5 that were outstanding, I had a connection with them that went beyond the normal. We operated on the same wavelenght & performed some pretty mean musters in some very steep country, Thar country. It is a different type of love, they are an extension of yourself, you have to care after them if you want them to work day in & day out, especially in high shingle country. I taught my dogs to drink out of my hat, so they would get water, I always carried chop bones & chop fat for them as a treat during long hot days in the mountains. I spent a fortnight mustering on one station that was 5 miles as the crow flys from Mount Cook. I am too old & unfit to do this sort of work now but the love I had for my dogs & the love they gave me is something you cannot fully understand unless you have lived this life. I have so many tales to tell of these years I could go on for hours but I wont, sorry to babble on , but it was a changing time in my life.

  3. Very well captured Ferg. I think working dogs also have the best of it too. They love to please and work in a pack. And they get to chase things all day!

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