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Mar 022013
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Even before I processed this image there was something ‘missing’.  The bright area to the left of the window was already bright because of the lack of paint.  I expect to see a window there. Or a person.  Or a ghost will do.  Instead I’m left glancing sideways, looking for what’s missing.  Does that create tension, or is there simply something missing?


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  1. I find this image is more about texture & lines, with the window thrown in to add dimension, but that is just me HAve you tried it with a hint of B&W

  2. Like it Vicky. I think that it creates tension by having something missing. For some reason our mind wants to balance things up so by leaving space there you stimulate the viewers mind to think of something to fill it in. To figure out what is missing – for them. That makes it real art in my book. For me the right hand side of the image is very aged physical world stuff . While the left hand lines suggest to me time. The bright area- the underlining energy or chi that shapes the physical world over time.

  3. I don’t think anything is missing at all. For me the image is all about what the window is telling us about the building. It hints at previous grandeur but is dark and mysterious in its decay. The light patch emphasises that dark mystery very well

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