Split Ends

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Feb 252013
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“I have never made any Picture good or bad without paying for it in Emotional Turmoil”- William Eugene Smith
Recently I have been studying the works of W.Eugene Smith & have found his images to be emotional, story telling & very very moving for me, he was & I suppose is a true master of B&W, the creative use of lighting & the ability to capture a story.
Oh to achieve a fraction of this great mans skill.

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  1. I had a look at Smiths work and his images certainly capture the emotive story. It’s interesting to find out that he manipulated some of his models to “tell” the story as opposed to the journalistic shot as it happened. I guess that is the artist wanting to tell the story instead of the story telling itself.

  2. He was a control freak, he also had a problem with substance abuse during his lifetime, alot of it due to his injuries he recieved in WW2, also the beating he recieved where he lost an eye in Asia.It is his use of light that I find fasinating. Sometimes you have to look back to move forward, this is what he is doing for me.

    • there is no denying the power of emotive response he was able to generate in the viewer. When a photographer can command the viewers eye to remain on the image and look around it, back through it and then inwardly to digest the image then the photographer has indeed captured a special quality.

  3. You are right Scott an amazing guy – I saw a documentary last year on his Pittsburgh project. His substance driven work ethic was incredible.
    Great image by the way – your use of light is fascinating…….

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