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Feb 182013
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For this submission I chose a self-portrait taken and edited on my iPhone.

The image was taken not long after I had fallen down twenty stairs, suffered a severe laceration to the back of my head and an injury to my right wrist requiring carpal reconstruction surgery last year, resulting in only having the use of one hand for nearly six months. I also injured my left shoulder which is being operated on in a few weeks, which again will involve several months of no or limited use.

My choice of treatment of the editing and the overall composition was intended to reflect my state of mind at the time and a glimpse of the pain and uncertainty that was a daily feature.

After the accident I was unable to hold my camera (a fairly heavy Canon 5D), so found myself utilizing the camera on my iPhone and the vast array of editing software available to quench my creative thirst.

This led to me regularly contributing to the AIPA –The Enohpi Project and D- Photo New Zealand Camera Phone Photographer of the Year, in which I won the July round and am in contention to be the overall winner. for more

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  5 Responses to “Self Portrait – Blair McTaggart”

  1. Dont tell everyone how much fun the iphone and apps can be… Just kidding! I love mine and have won awards with the results..sorry to hear of your pain but the resulting photo does tell a strong story.!

  2. Hi Blair, Love the self portrait – that little catchlight in your eye really makes it come alive.
    I hope you are back up and running now with that 5D (Im guessing that you are pleased that you dont have a 1D!!!). Im also guessing that you will not stop using all the fun iPhone stuff

  3. Thanks Lynn and Ian for your kind comments. Will not be able to hold the 5D for another couple of months , so still very much enjoying the iPhone + apps : )

  4. Yip your image looks like you have had a rough time. I agree with Ian without the catch light, there would not be on engagement with the viewer. Excellent image. Hope to see a smily one soon πŸ™‚ . The iPhone thing is interesting, less is more, on the spot is better! There is no substitute for horsepower but we have to know where we are going. Often a bit of serendipity outweighs that. Times are a changing!

    • Thanks Tim, don’t think I have any smiley images of me πŸ™‚ ..but here is a few more perhaps ‘upbeat’ shots I also took on the iPhone
      Agree the mobile phone/camera option is interesting; my current phone has as many megapixels as my first DSLR. I guess at the end of the day, a camera, any camera is just a tool. More important is what you do with it.

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