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Feb 182013
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My brother asked me for some photographs of their kids to put in his yearly calendar.  Trey got braces and glasses (on the same day!) this year, so he wanted some that were more early year vintage.  I went through hundreds of photos from our last visit and saw more “do not take my picture” faces than I could believe!  Somehow kids know how to sense the exact moment when the shutter will be pressed… and then fight it.

But I did find one where he was genuinely smiling and actually looking at the camera.  It must have been before I made fun of him for looking like Justin Bieber with the hoodie, because it was all down hill from there.


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  1. I did a recent family photoshoot for some locals whose 2 year old and 11 month old were nearly always either sucking their thumb or pulling faces at the camera. Their mother said that is what they look like and what they do all the time and she wanted a record of “now”. She was very happy with the results. I have been shooting portraits of our family grandchildren and others for a number of years now, and have got over needing the smiley faces! Sometimes you can put three in a group – tearful, angry and then very happy – and it makes a great montage of this time and place.

    But your image is a great shot with your usual ability to get eye contact.

  2. You only need one. You nailed it.

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