Where do I live

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Feb 172013
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In the Inbetween

Diane Arbus inspired  – “Where do you live?”
Diane apparently used to give her photography students an exercise when they joined her course, asking them to make a photograph answering the question “Where do you live?”. She brought in a photograph of her polio deformed foot.

I went out this evening to make a photograph answering this question. And the words came with it. I have seen another answer to that same question, which is still to be made.

In the Inbetween

I live in the breeze quickening across your skin as the darkness wraps itself around you.
I live in the moonlight silvering the landscape.
And I live in the pohutukawa, buffeted by the breeze that I ride.


Come with me.

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  3 Responses to “Where do I live”

  1. Great work Jen
    That is a scary question that demands complete honesty to answer. You have done that brilliantly

  2. Thanks Ian, it was a really good exercise to do, especially if you think of answering not literally but in the terms that she did – implying that she was bound to her body, it’s failures determining her life, and her place in it.
    It was important for me to do in leaving Waitara, and working through my feelings about that. Trying to establish my sense of place and what I was tied to here.

  3. For me I live in a much deeper place. The ocean , the mountain. Thank you so much Jenny, your work always challenges me. A good thing. A very very special thing. The image is great. All I see is teeth, neither smiling or grimacing,like an X-ray just there. A real position. I like that.

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