The Twelve Apostles 2

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Feb 102013
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This one is a view in the other direction from my last post.
Again this image incorporated a feeling of the day as it was and Im happy with it.
The other thing that happens at popular location is that you are bound to see the same view in another photograph. Exactly that happened to me only a couple of days later.
In the window of a travel agent in an Adelaide mall I saw an almost identically framed picture. I looked at it and could imagine the exact location the other unknown photographer had set up his/her gear.
There is only one spot on the path that you can see these two rocks like this.
The other picture tells a story of a clear sunny afternoon while mine is the windy morning. But I enjoyed looking at it and appreciated the picture more because I had aimed my camera the same way.

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  1. Like the treatment Ian. The softness of the sea among the giant structures is a nice counterbalance.

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