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I do rely on an intuitive response to guide me in making a work and on first glance at the raw file provided I could not see at all where I could take it. So it sat. And sat. Christmas came and went, and suddenly I was taking a call asking me if I’d forgotten. Which I had.

A momentary panic set in over the conversation as I remembered my initial response then suddenly I saw a version of the completed work in my head, without even referring again to the original image. My last view had been in early November last year. The subconsious had just pulled it out of the file, dusted it off, applied some techniques and there it was.

The stark grey building immediately brought to mind visions of post apocalyptic times, and my vision slotted comfortably into a series that has been developing over the past few years imagining where we would be if the world as we know it was no longer.

It’s brought me back to a body of work I’d like to develop further. Thank you Meg!

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  3 Responses to “Citadel”

  1. Very interesting how using a similar process we have come up with such different images. Different intent I guess. You have made an ugly building into a beautiful one. What’s happened with the roads is intriguing too. And the blowing leaves.

  2. I’m going to Cambodia for work and taking some extra time to look around the temples of Angkor. A world abandoned taken over by jungle, that look remarkably like this imagine.

    • That will be amazing Tim, funny how some of that stuff must be floating around in the background. I’ve always been fascinated by them. Hope it all goes well and you have a wonderful time.

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