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Feb 062013
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My reaction to Meg’s image is one of contrast. Bright, vivid green plants contrasted with dirty, weathered concrete building.

If appropriate for the climate, plants thrive in the elements but man made things slowly degrade when exposed to the same elements. This is shown clearly in Meg’s image.

I have zoomed in to part of the image that interested me. The black square windows evenly spaced in a symmetrical pattern with symmetrical quarter window panes formed by the cross structure could have been pleasing. But the blackness of the windows and the grey staining on the façade made the building soulless, depressing.

That is what I take from the original image.


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  2 Responses to “Response”

  1. Very clever John. Your ability to extract the simple essence of something is remarkable.

  2. As Tim said John but for me the most interesting thing is how you have given it a definate John Suckling look.

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