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Feb 052013
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Wasn’t too sure what to do with this image when I received it, just sat on the canvas & waited to see what would come rolling out of my head, well this is it, don’t ask me to explain it, as I don’t fully understand it myself. Some underlying emotional problem, who would know, perhaps they are right madness is a state of mind, but what is madness & who really is qualified to say who is mad, is being creative a sign of madness.
So maybe I imagined the building to be a nuthouse.


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  1. What I’m finding interesting this week is that we all started in the same place but have gone in different directions but generally all along a similar line. All the images are showing the style of the person that’s processed them, I think we could probably ID each image without knowing who it’s from.
    P.S. yes Scotty you are nuts by the way

  2. Thank you Fergus, I like it when you give out compliments it make me feel well you know, 🙂

  3. Yes Fergus, you are right on several counts there 😉
    One thing that has interested me is how almost all of us have had to air on the image for a while and wait for it to show before we could interpret. Just shows how much preprocessing goes in usually before we even hit the shutter.
    Scott what I’ve found interesting with this is the apparent jump in time. Sure the Tardis isn’t in there somewhere?

  4. Jen, as I keep telling Mrs O I’m always right. Stop laughing, strange because that’s how Mrs O reacts as well.

  5. To SIT on the image is a good thing it allows the subconcious to do its stuff what ever that may be. For me it was time travel as Jenny says I didnt think about putting the tardis in there but I did take more stuff out from the original brain fart.

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