Dark Canyons of Lost Souls

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Feb 042013
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Twisting, turning, groping, along the darkened canyons of my soul,
Stumbling blindly, feeling the cold slimy fabric of my existence.
The beings of this world are crazy, driven, obscene, and insane,
With lives of real desperation, hearts full of sorrow and pain.

I raise my voice in anguish,
And scream in fear and despair.
I beg for the light of reason,
To reach me way down here.

Evil, disgusting, and hateful, with greed and lust as their mores,
Raping children, spending their essence, in the bellies of whores.
In this pit, this dungeon of hell, are fantasies of sex and desire.
Where evil must be obtained and yet escape the wrath of hells fire.

I raise my voice in anguish,
I scream in fear and despair,
I beg for the light of goodness,
To reach me way down here.

Gluttony is practiced with fervor in every manner they know,
Consumption is the real god of the vipers in the pit here below.
Raise me up from the quagmire of murder, of rape and conceit.
Help me find my way out of the canyons of darkness and deceit.

I raise my voice in anguish,
I scream in fear and despair,
I beg for the light of peace,
To reach us way down here.

Lead me up to shining mountains, in the light of the golden glow.
Let me walk through the silver clouds, and roll in crystal snow.
Let me breathe the clean air of freedom and soar on eagles wings.
I'll look down on darkened canyons and dream of lovely things.

No raising my voice in anguish,
No screaming in fear or despair,
No begging for light and reason,
Because I'll not be down here.

Willie Wilburn Walker


First viewing of this image sent me directly to a dark, desperate place within my soul, I guess its within us all. I had just seen this poem by Willie Wilburn Walker and felt the use of someone elses words better dealt with the image than my own ever could………..



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  3 Responses to “Dark Canyons of Lost Souls”

  1. Ferg, your work is inspired !! When you are on song you merge your thinking with your artistry. I really like what I am seeing. Of course the challenge now is to keep producing more.

  2. Good work Ferg. I like the combination of poetry and the image in one work. Just like we often do on agathering the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

  3. I’ve long wanted to combine words and image. You’ve just made it sooooo much harder to achieve with any level of satisfaction. This is going to be sitting before me each time I try. Yes, inspiring!

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