Battlestar Bureaucracy

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Feb 032013
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Cue deep rumbling machinery sound FX as a city block size craft slowly moves threateningly over the city.


The battlestar bureaucracy is completely self supporting. Meeting support systems keep the occupants busy without any need for outside influence at all.  Consuming all before it with the dreaded tax tractor beam  and licensing and compliance fee ray. By some alien technology , breaking all the rules of physics,  all that energy goes in but nothing comes out at all. The windows are all mirror on the inside so the occupants are never bothered by the outside while appearing to be  consulting with the public.  Unlike the blasters from similar craft on the movies that inexplicably only ever work from a hundred feet away, the battlestar bureaucracy can wreak havoc from as far away as Wellington.

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  6 Responses to “Battlestar Bureaucracy”

  1. So funny I look at this while looking at Doctor Who and the Cyberman. Real old school SiFi. This looks like it would be right at home.

  2. Kool, different?

  3. Haha Tim, this is amazing! I should have guessed you’d come up with something like this but you surpassed yourself. Thank you for taking that creative opportunity just that little bit further and your writing just tops it off. Will make me stretch a bit further next time 🙂

  4. Besides the highly original take on this I like the 3D effect you have achieved. I would like to see it with a lot more black space around it – it could possibly give even more of a “space” aspect to the image.

  5. Now that I have met you I know your sense of humour – this is just soooo appropriate based on the conversations we have had. Love it.

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