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Feb 022013
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When I looked at Meg's image of the abandoned building the thing that kept drawing me back into the image was the broken windows.  It became a sad image for me.  I saw a man made structure, like the way we build our minds, something made to be functional in the world, serving a purpose, seemingly able to withstand the passage of time.  But the building is now desolate, the windows broken, the inward and outward reflection missing with the glass.
What is glass ?
I chose the six images of windows that fill the central part of this image for a variety of reasons.  The first window represents the simple faith that we need in life, to trust in the process, to be able to clearly see our lives inwardly and outwardly.  The second window is boarded over completely – light shines neither inward nor outward.  The third window holds its protective pane within mortar and bricks but they are beginning to crumble.  The glass is behind sculpted iron, created with skill and effort, it is viewable from the outside, hiding the viewer whose outlook is restricted by the forged ironwork.  The fourth window holds a kaleidoscope of hallowed glass as it seeks to elevate the viewer into the sacred spaces, channelled  by religious directives recorded and disseminated by humankind.  The fifth window is veiled by a finely woven fabric  but parted by a young child whose eyes take in whatever passes outside the pane of glass.  A passerby can see the gaze of a child and perhaps they can recall what they saw with their own child's eyes.  The sixth, and final window, shows torn and tattered netting and curtains.  There is a feeling of abandonment, torn dreams and dark spaces beyond.

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  1. Ahhhh, enlightenment… now I see what sent you scurrying to your files… I am fascinated how this base image has fired our imaginations on to other things. Yes, indeed, what is glass? I have looked at this again in the light of Tim’s comments as well and seems to me these windows take on the function of eyes. Your comments add to this metaphor.

  2. I love the combination of the windows and the thought behind them. As jenny said very enlightening.

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