The Dark Side

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Feb 012013
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My first reaction on hearing of Project Meg was “This will be fun!” – I like playing with images.
My subsequent reaction on opening Meg’s image was “Oh no!” – I couldn’t imagine what I might ‘do’ with it.  I don’t have much experience of playing with buildings.  This was going to be a challenge!
A month later, on Christmas holidays and with the deadline looming, I had thought I might create a mountainous panorama with the buildings as one of the ridges, the other ridges covered in bush.  A few days later, when I sat down to play, it occurred to me it might work better with stones or rocks, so I started thinking back to my Birdlings Flat images and one of these became the cliffs below the buildings.  A stormy sky (taken out the front window of the car while returning from a Nape Nape trip) added more drama to the sky.
I hope Meg’s not too upset at me massacring her image!  She’s a brave woman!!


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  5 Responses to “The Dark Side”

  1. Cleverly done Vicki. I don’t think you’re guilty of any form of massacre and I hope Meg is enjoying our creative minds overlaying her image. This is fun.

  2. Artists vision?

  3. Fantastic Vicki! I shared your reaction and yet look what you’ve produced. I love the way the building has become part of the rocks. Shutter Island springs to mind. What’s going on within?

  4. Very well executed. I like the light in some of the windows.

  5. Out of all I really like this!

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