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I had no sisters when I was growing up, so my brother and I joked a bit about what it would be like in coming years when he and his wife had a daughter. The standard “cleaning the shotgun when her first date comes to pick her up” scenario was discussed and refined.

Eight years later, he has certainly learned a lot and I have no idea how he has managed so well.  Janey is already smart, charming and clearly has an astute knowledge of her dad's soft spots (sucker!).  I hope he has started saving for a car and the high price of fashion when she gets to high school.  Of course, since the wife and I plan to spoil my brother's kids with travel, we better start saving for a trip to Paris…

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  4 Responses to “Niece”

  1. You have caught a lovely expression on her face Dave…I bet she has her father wrapped around her little finger !!!!!

  2. I feel for your brother Dave!!!
    I have just purchased an extra car and am now gaining an appreciation for Jeffrey Campbell shoes…..

  3. Wow, Dave – what a gorgeous portrait. My first thought is huge on her bedroom wall. You’ve captured a twinkle and a personality that’s going to keep both of you on your toes. She’ll grow into an amazing woman, enjoy every moment. Uncles are very special.

  4. Beautiful portrait Dave. The extreme close up really works.

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