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Jan 262013
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But who am I, do I know, do you. I took this in a room that is somewhat familiar to me but it is or is it not. Is it my imagination, who will know? Why does this image move me?
When I look at it I see a life of up’s & downs, of experiences good & bad, but all have lead me to this point. Where too from here?

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  1. I like this image Scott. It reminds me how our mind is a mental trap, like the walls of the room in your image which encloses the person within and all the artifacts that form the memories of the person. If the door of the room opens then the viewpoint is changed. All we have to do in this life is learn how to control the story our minds are telling us.

  2. To me this feels like a moment with the “pause” button pushed.
    The sink reminds me of lifes necessary details catered for without fuss, the bottle and the pose feel like recovery and replenishment while the boots and the coat suggest that you have just arrived from somewhere and will soon be moving on…

  3. I see a stunning self portrait. The oil skin on the door , a man who spends time outdoors, in extreme weather, old school not flouro gortex. Boots that see work but know when to be taken off. A worn floor speaks of lots on activity inside. The light switch speaks of creative inspiration the can be turned on at will. The sink in the corner is a practical aspect that balances the door and the lights switch perfectly. The delicate pattern of the wall paper is still there although the edges are a bit worn. The skirting board still strong although it has had it’s fair share of kicks and scrapes. I see someone who is balanced, relaxed and comfortable in his world.

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