Lupin Gold

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Jan 222013
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I struggle with the beauty of lupins.  ‘Everyone’ raves about them – spreading along roadsides, across riverbeds, across our precious MacKenzie Country.  And they are beautiful.  They add a splash of colour to our landscape of golds, greys, browns and greens.  But they’re also a weed.  And they don’t know when to stop.  Will we still think they’re beautiful when they’ve covered our natural landscapes?

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  3 Responses to “Lupin Gold”

  1. A bit like those cute little bunnies!!!

    That said this image has a nice summer feel about it

  2. Gorse, Wattle, Broom & Ginger are all beautiful weeds. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a beautiful image which you have… Thankyou.

  3. I like this – making a beautiful picture from something that has less than wonderful characteristics underneath. A good way to document the impacts on our environment. Thank you!

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