Southern Church, Southern Cross

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Jan 192013
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It seems strange to realize that I had more or less forgotten about a photograph, especially one I liked so much when I first made it.  But that is exactly what happened with this image of the Church of the Good Shepherd.  It was brought to mind when Ferg answered a request for a photo of the church by pointing someone in my direction.  Carolyn wanted a picture to give as a gift to her sister who had been married there.  I sent the file to Carolyn who has had it printed and and I am very much looking forward to the payment of 1 hot chocolate and a report of how much (hopefully) her sister likes it.

I had the pleasure of stumbling in to an introduction with Fraser Gunn in Tekapo a few years back.  It was mid-winter and the wife and I had gone to Tekapo for a weekend out of town.  We visited the Mt. John Observatory, as you do, and stopped for a coffee at the cafe.  There were some great photo post-cards and calendars for sale at the cafe by a photographer named Fraser Gunn.  They were mostly night time and astronomy based images and unlike anything I'd looked at with any interest before.

My enquiry with the guy behind the counter who served our hot drinks made a short search for the photographer because it was Fraser on the spot.  It turns out he worked at the cafe so he could use the telescope mount and opening roof in the back room after hours.  The cafe was built in an old observatory building and the storage room included a massive concrete block for stabilizing a telescope.  He kindly invited me up that evening to chat while he shot an image of a distant astronomical point of interest with his geo-tracking camera mount and heavily modified DSLR.

Fraser also offered a number of tips on general night photography and pointed me to the church as it was in reach of my comparatively limited kit.  So with the begrudging help of my wife, who had not planned on being up until 2:30 am to wait for the southern cross to come in to frame on a 50mm lens, I had a good night out.

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  1. Magical Dave. Tell me how you make an image like this sometime.

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