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Jan 162013
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My brain takes me on journeys that can be a little strange at times, but that is another story for another time.
Recently Kerrie & myself went for an 8-day trip in Fiordland. We walked the Pyke river- Hollyford River circuit a total of 152kms covered, lucky for us mostly in good weather, not a lot of rain, which was good as there are some big rivers to cross on the trip. While I was away on this trip I had a lot of time to think some days we walked for 9hours with 25kg packs on so thinking was a good way to pass the time. We both loved the adventure into some of NZ’s remote areas.
 I thought about this image a lot for some reason & found that I related to this image more than I had realized. This image is about, well for me anyway, the Hand reaching out is it for help or just to feel what is out there, I don’t know but I continue to look at it & see more of me. I feel the raindrops on the window are like teardrops shed over a lifetime, I have found myself touching the hand, have I taken another step in my understanding of what I am creating  ??????????

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  3 Responses to “Hand in the Window”

  1. I like this one quite a bit, maybe because it is within reach of a sane interpretation. Or to say another way, not quite as challenging as some of your others! I have not resolved the ornamental bottles yet… A bit incongruous with the other elements which are very engaging.

  2. Thank you Dave I will take that as a compliment.

  3. Unfortunetly, it may be one of the few sane ones this year

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