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Light, we see it every day and take it totally for granted but as photographers we have to think far more deeply about it than the man on the street because without light we have a cupboard full of quite expensive dust gatherers.

I think we look at the world in a totally different way after we start to look through the lens of a camera, we notice a lot more as life passes us by and appreciate the finer details of what we are seeing. Furthermore after a time we start to think quite differently about what we are seeing and begin to 'contemplate' what we are seeing much more than just looking at it. Time slows and we tend to, at times, go deep within ourselves looking for answers to questions that we are yet to be asked.

This can cause us to go into something like a form of writers block, a creative dark hole that it is so difficult to extricate ourselves from. This is the time we lean on friends and colleagues for help and a gentle nudge, no a shove in the right direction. It can take only one word from the right person to put the fire back in the belly and see us off in another direction, a direction that has us still looking but for answers but to a different question.

Thanks Jen for that nudge………


“Its all about the light”

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  1. Without light we have nothing. Eugene Smith said”In music i still perefer the minoe key,& in printing I like the light coming from the dark. I like pictures that surmount the darkness, & many of my photographs are that way”

  2. Haha, yes Ferg… and it worked both ways. The value of this group is the inspiration we get from communicating with each other. Operating solo and creativity seems to stall. Getting together and throwing ideas around seems to be the tinder that sparks the next burst of creativity. I love that it works this way. And thank you – I’m away again myself.

  3. wow, nice one Ferg ! Just as well we’ve got Jen to keep us up to the mark. This is such an alluring image.

  4. David duChemin summarized the quality photograph as “light, lines and a moment.” It surely does begin with light. Great to hear you got the mojo back!

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