The Three Little Buildings

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Jan 122013
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Ladies’ loo, men’s loo, and secretary’s office.  These three little buildings sit in a sports ground over the hill from Dunedin, in Blueskin Bay.  Travelling between Dunedin and Christchurch, being so close to Dunedin we tend not to stop because it’s so close to departure/destination.  But this time (weather permitting) I was determined to halt the flow of travel.

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  1. I like that this image presented me with questions and forced me to ask -“what is going on here”. Then, when my imagination gets working, I can figure out part of the story. But, having got moving, my imagination doesnt stop but pictures a sports day with people, dogs, noise, smell etc etc etc

    • You’re right, Ian. It was their loneliness that first attracted me, but they’re so inviting. They’re waiting for all the action of sports days, when they too can come to life!

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