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Jan 092013
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I recently visited the Ashburton Aviation Museum which I never knew existed until just a short time before I made the trip. I was supremely impressed with the size and content of the facility. I am not an aircraft enthusiast, so I could only apply common sense filters to the quality of old machines on hand, but the mint state of each was obvious even to the layman.

The best part about the visit was meeting some of the people who volunteer there. They spend a great deal of their own time fixing, maintaining, rebuilding and essentially loving these old machines. These people were craftsmen, not tradesmen. The work is likely not dauntingly complex once the fine points are understood, but it surely requires a level of manual precision and a increasingly uncommon thoroughness.

The men and women there projected that calm demeanor of people who are not in a hurry and understand that doing one job well is infinitely more valuable than being a mediocre jack of all trades. A lesson to be applied to my own life, I’m sure.

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