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Jan 072013
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I am always attracted to functional things that are also attractive. Here a functional padlock has been made attractive, at least to me, by becoming part of some street art – a doorway that is obviously no longer used has been painted over in a silver paint. What enhanced it even more for me was that some rust was showing through.

What I do not show is graffiti that had also been applied. I still feel uncomfortable recording it. I am old fashioned in this respect because I feel recording graffiti that has not been condoned by the property owner is partly validating what has been done. This is not to deny that there is some absolutely outstanding art work done by graffiti artists. I know I am in a massive minority here and am not trying to change anyone’s views. It is just a personal feeling.

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  1. Locks intrigue me. Who has something that valuable that they would want to keep someone out? Why would the secret thing be hidden? How can I see this secret thing? I like this image John.

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