Not a good place to be

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Jan 062013
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I went to the rodeo this year with a plan in mind. Single capture only no spray & pray. I challenged myself to press the shutter at the right moment. The Nano second with hopefully the right amount of action to produce an image.
I set myself up in the same location that I was in last time I went; next to me were 3 other photographers. It was like standing in a machine gun range, it was spray & pray all round me. One of the other photographers asked me if I didn’t have the spray & pray option in my camera, well he didn’t call it that, I said I wasn’t using it, I was polite.
The poor guy on the ground still holding onto the horse was dragged around the whole arena before they finally got the horse stopped. He wasn’t seriously hurt, I don’t know why he wasn’t but he is a tough guy.
I have managed to collect about 50 images from that day that I think aint too bad. Will show you some more as the year goes on.

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  1. Do you think you achieved better results than last time? I had an option on a camera I once had that you could set it to a number of shots at a whatever rate. I liked 3 shots @ 7fps for horse jumping. $ each way

  2. This was an exercise I set myself, it isnt easy & I am sure your method is better, but i wanted to test myself.I think I did pretty good I was happy with the general results. Infact I really enjoyed the challenge of One shot One result.

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