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Jan 052013
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We all moan and groan about winter but as I sit here in the sweltering heat, that of course is normal for this time of year in Mosgiel, I just thought it the appropriate time to share an image as far away from what we have now as possible!

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  4 Responses to “Winter”

  1. Check out the news tonight, Dunedin Airport/Mosgiel 34c. What about them apples!

  2. I was photographing a wedding today in a setting similar to your image. I would have welcomed some of the cool in your shot, love those high contrast, hot wedding days when you can’t find any easy light to photograph in.

  3. You told me it is always warm in Mosvegas. We had 32 in Alex at Xmas & that was enough for this white boy, nice image a little touch of glamour glow?????????????

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