Three Poles

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Jan 012013
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Those of you who read Cole Thompsons blog will know that he avoids looking at other photographers work. This is because he finds that his vision is influenced by the vision of others.

I disagree with the strategy but totally recognise what he is saying, particularly in this instance.

From the time I first saw “Three Crosses” by Brian Kersoff (only google this if you are happy to be influenced forever!!) I have seen countless similar potential compositions. None of them were as good as the original and I have avoided pointing a camera at them.

This one, although still influenced by Kersoffs image, was different enough to draw me to photograph it. 

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  3 Responses to “Three Poles”

  1. This has a simplicity and lightness to it. Thanks for the lead to Brian Kosoff photography. I don’t mind viewing other people’s work. One still has to find an image in a spot before one can even contemplate copying someone else’s work.

  2. Thanks Ian for the reminder to look again at Brian’s work.

    I agree with what you say. i am always interested to see what Cole is saying and producing. he does not want to be strongly influenced by other’s work. while i never want to copy others, i find that not only can great work be a thing of beauty but it can inspire you to experiment in different ways without resorting to copying.

  3. I agree with John. It is good to look at others work It can inspire you to find a new direction to follow. It doesnt matter if 5 people take the same image they will all be different as we are all different people, but what we do is compare what we have seen before, rather than seeing it for what it is, we are human I suppose!

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