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Dec 272012
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I had a wonderful weekend on the West Coast with some very talented & inspired photographers. I love teaching, I enjoy sharing the knowledge that I have gained over the years, the vision I have, the passion to achieve, emotionally charged images & share the skills I have learned using post processing. After a weekend of teaching I am drained, exhausted but satisfied. I hope that I gave them the skills to take their photography to another level; if I haven’t then I haven’t done my job. You have to remember that when you teach it is not about you getting the image it is about the students getting knowledge, so often I have seen students who have spent a lot of money to go on a course, but the photography has not improved.
This image has stirred ideas in my sub-conscious & you will see it used again later next year as a composite. I am trying to get more images harvested so as to create my idea.  A little help from some tasty Islay malt always helps!!!

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