The Blue Lake

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Dec 222012
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The blue lake is difficult to photograph.

I think there are two main reasons for that  Firstly it has been photographed so many times that approaching it with fresh eyes isn’t easy and secondly it is such a surreal place that viewing it from a “normal “ perspective is disappointing.

On previous occasions the better images I made were abstracts showing only small parts of the scene.

I tried that again but produced nothing new.

Then I had a play with my IR converted camera. The IR view produced a new “normal” and better reflects the special feel of the place.

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  6 Responses to “The Blue Lake”

  1. In doing something original you’ve produced a lanscape that I much prefer to any others I’ve seen of the blue lake. It’s an infared that I reallyike too. Not usually so much of a fan when the subject is just greenery, but I really like the way it has worked withe the land/vegetation and lake. How did you getthe camera converted? Film or digital?

  2. Hi Jen. Its from my micro 4/3 digital which I had converted in the US with an “enhanced colour” filter. My sister in law was nice enough to deliver it so postage costs were minimised.

  3. I was wondering what filter you had used in the conversion – but I am none the wiser! The biggest question I think when deciding to convert is “which filter do you choose” – and if you are a novice starting out – how do you know as the choices are just so many

  4. I am going to agree with Jenny here. I don’t see many IR images that float my boat, but this one has me wanting more. I shall bug you until I get to see the printed version.

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