Slippery when wet

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Dec 202012
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Sometimes a concept pops up, and just keeps waving it’s hand every now and then, waiting to be attended to.

I do listen. And act. However long it may take for all the pieces of the puzzle to start falling into place. This is one such project. I have presented here a more literal interpretation but have dozens more images that take a more metaphorical viewpoint. Right now they probably don’t make a cohesive whole, but I keep working my way through and at some stage a clear picture will emerge.

Overregulation. It’s with a growing sense of disbelief that I watch the extent of measures taken within society currently to save us from ourselves, and it applies throughout our living right now – from all that makes up the choices and directives coming from Christchurch to how we fundraise for our child’s school camp (if the school is prepared to wade through THOSE regulations in order to even run one).

Those roadworks where the signs direct a speed of 30kph and stress to us “no road markings”, all for a patch of unmarked seal of maybe 10m. My three step ladder at work which has a sign on the second (yes SECOND of three steps) which states ominously “DANGER: do not stand on this step or above you can lose your balance”. Really?! On a three step ladder where the top step doesn’t reach above my waist? So I have a safe working platform of 150mm above the ground. A nail box is taller than that and it doesn’t have any warning signs.

It’s all about someone else absolving themselves from responsibility, and yet it seems to have the opposite effect. We look to them to blame when something goes wrong and the only thing that happens is the legal fraternity gets fatter and courts busier. What happened to looking around us and taking responsibility for our own personal safety and that of others to the extent of making ourselves cognisant of dangers that may or may not be obvious? Of taking care of ourselves. And others. Without a sign, or regulation, or directive, or instruction. But because we care. We care about them. We care about us. Those other people in front of us on the road. The truck driver coming the other way. The guy walking past us on the street. The workmate.

What happened to thinking for ourselves?

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  3 Responses to “Slippery when wet”

  1. Yesss! Couldn’t agree more!

  2. The problem is caused by trying to write down on a piece of paper a law that describes common sense.
    What follows is a literal application of the law to a situation where it isnt sensible.

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