Jet Trail

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Dec 132012
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I probably noticed this because I knew it was the remains of a cloud created by a high altitude jet – and someone else was flying it because I was having a great day in the landscape below!!

The cloud was dissipating and was stop – start as the jet reduced power and started its descent to Queenstown.

I noticed that the line of the cloud and the highlights of sun on the hills were similar so I made a series of images to explore the patterns. This one is the one I like best.

There are quite a few dark images emerging in my computer at the moment and lots of 16×9 crops. I wonder why???

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  2 Responses to “Jet Trail”

  1. Wonder why i think this is cool!!! Maybe something to do with the ‘less-is-more’ approach.

  2. Ian, cut off the bit of light pasture at the bottom of the image and make me a happy viewer.

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