Beyond the Cross – Val Wardell

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Dec 122012
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The more I try to speak with my own voice, photographically, the more I find myself using techniques that have all been used before…but is there anything that is totally new? Hasn’t it all been done before? Don’t we all just have to find our own way of seeing and expressing ourselves using the many techniques and tools at our disposal?

 Sometimes I don’t even really think about why I’m making a particular image. I just enjoy what I see before me and take it in the way I see most appropriate at the time…sometimes in a totally realistic way, but more often than not, in a more impressionistic way.  The more I express myself impressionistically the more I realise how difficult it is to replicate these images. So, hence, many of my images are totally ‘one-offs’. It’s a matter of trial and error (or hit and miss!!).  Some work, some don’t, but that’s a matter of opinion too!

 And so to ‘Beyond The Cross’.  How did it come about? Did I previsualise? Did I have an idea in mind? Did I know what I wanted to say? The answer is no to all of these questions. I went out on a club night shoot simply to enjoy the company and make some images.  I took a few realistic ones for starters and then decided to go the impressionist way and have a play at some zoom shots. I downloaded and thought nothing too much about these images sitting quietly doing nothing on my computer…until one day I decided to have a play…and presto! ‘Beyond The Cross’ manifested itself before my very eyes.  And there it was speaking to me. Christ died on the cross at Calvary, but He is alive beyond the cross. He is alive for all of us to see and respond to, if we choose to.

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  1. Welcome Val. My first impression was “wow”. I love the blue and the gold tonings working together. It is a strong image that uses graphic lines to keep your eye roving around the image. It’s then that you begin to pick up the layers that are there and then you begin to think. I like that.

  2. Hi Val.
    Its amasing what can happen when we just let go and play…

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