One Tree

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Dec 082012
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Alone in its existence, a lonely tree battles against the elements.

A battle that it can never win, but regardless it continues to hold on to the successes it has had. The land that it considers its own.

How do we break the news to it that it will never win.

A bit like life in some respects…………………………

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  4 Responses to “One Tree”

  1. Interesting that you say that it can never win.

    The tree may be alone but I dont accept that it must be lonely. It provides shelter for the sheep in the harsh summer sun and a sanctuary for the birds in the snowy winter.

    This tree may not be in a forest where trees naturally live but where it is it leads an interesting life.

    Add to that the greater possibility that the wind will carry its seed to another “lonely” hill to continue the gene-pool and I would say that this tree has won the battle

  2. People must have a fascination for photographing the solitary tree. I can’t help wondering if we identify from a human point of view with the tree as a person, and feel some sort of horror of being on our own.

  3. Im certain your on to something.

    • I think that we tend to humanize things by attributing our own emotions, and emotional responses to them, but cumming from another point of view, I see lines and shapes, and a simplicity that soothes the chaos that our lives can be at times.

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