Harry – Kendra Walls

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Dec 032012
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This image was made as part of a project for my NCEA level 2 photography course.

The project started with an idea to project images onto related things, tea leaves onto a tea cup for example.

But I progressed to projecting images onto people to represent things that cant be seen.

In this one Harry gazes with wonder at his dreams that are out of this world while his girlfriend watches on……

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  16 Responses to “Harry – Kendra Walls”

  1. Wow what a fantastic idea. I really like how you are thinking. Its good to see the work of a younger photographer have so much heart and soul. Keep it up Kendra but maybe take a few moments to help your Dad out he needs it.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. This is really amazing, I love the way you have captured the emotion on his face and the bright colours. It makes you stop and wonder what has he seen and thinking. Well done Kendra.

  3. nice concept. fantastic photograph.

  4. I like it – it leaves lots of doors open

  5. imagination, dare to dream, a leap of faith, and an image to be proud of.

  6. Great idea + well executed.

  7. what a wonderful idea, love the execution of it, the lighting etc. Brilliant work.

  8. I love the conceptual ideas here….

  9. Great image, Kendra. I hope you do well in your NCEA level 2 photography

  10. I love seeing such creative photography from young fresh minds, dare I say unpolluted by convention.
    Keep it ip Kendra.

  11. Love the image

  12. Great execution of your idea Kendra. You took the original thought and ran with it. Well done.

  13. Well done Kendra!

  14. Can see you are going to go a long way with your photography, congratulations, love this image.

  15. Brilliant concept Kendra…well done.

  16. Kendra I haven’t had much time to comment on images lately but I just wanted to say thanks so much for putting your work up here. I love what you’re doing, great ideas and really look forward to seeing more. I see this place as somewhere we can all get inspiration to stretch ourselves and you’ve given everyone lots to go on. Good luck with your studies!

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