Zebra at the stream

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Nov 292012
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Where does these creative ideas come from, well I don’t really know, they come into my brain & I play them out. This one has been sitting for sometime for the end to be added. It wasn’t till the other day that I had the vision of what I needed to complete this work. Once I had the vision it was easy, well in relative terms it was easy, but it was still a lot of work.
I love when I get these visions, this one wasn’t even Whiskey induced, what is wrong with me, must be getting soft in my old age?
Actually I am learning to let me creative soul take charge & lead me where the subconscious mind & eye decide is the route to travel, for now.

Look carefully at this image there are some subtle characters in it & some not so subtle.

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  1. I have seen you make these before and they are amazing! so complex and extremely well made, there is an attention to detail that puts it far beyond normal photoshop collages. there is scope for more complexity and depth and chaos. I would encourage you to just keep making these! they are brilliant. There is a NZ artist called Peter Madden that may be of some use to you, he is about the most amazing collage artist i have ever seen and his work in person is just perplexing to consider. Im not sure what the best way to find his work is, probably the library? he has a few books I think. But the easiest way to see some of his work is to google images Peter madden and it comes up straight away! Hopefully it helps you? I think these works are just great.

  2. Thanks Rob will look him up.

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