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Nov 262012
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The day after I returned from meeting the other photographers who make up this aGathering group my mother died.  She had spent the last 5 years in hospital care, bedridden and reliant on a nursing staff for the daily intimacies of her life.  The last few weeks were painful, not only for her but for us, her family.  The weeping leg ulcers, the wasted frame and the rotting smell of her body were so far removed from the person we had known  that my memory couldn't recall how she used to fill our lives with fun and laughter.  I feel a sense of relief and grief as I hope that her spirit is no longer kept in that dark place.

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  10 Responses to “Agathering”

  1. Very cool, Paul, very cool.

  2. Very kool

  3. Special.

  4. I am moved by your words, Pauline, AND the image you chose. The birds are flying free in space. This image fits your story so well – I am sure that your mother’s spirit is now also flying freely and will be forever in a light and airy place.

  5. Difficult to read this post without a tear.

    I agree with Barbara that your image tells the story beautifully

  6. Nice image and good words. Looks familar.

  7. Love it. Well done. I’m sure your mum will be smiling at you with pride 🙂

  8. Once I would never have been able to share such a depth of feeling in a public space. There has been such a huge change in me through my photographic practise, it has enabled me to experience my emotions and find a way to graphically respond to them. The 2 things that then happen is that I sometimes get another layer of understanding about myself and secondly the unexpected response from other people who bring their own wonderful insights, illuminations and inspirations to my door. Thanks for your responses.

  9. Such a special way to express what your family has been through, Pauline. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  10. Pauline, I understand fully what you are saying. It’s a strange situation the combination of grief and relief. You have certainly a road ahead to travel but feel assured you are not on your own you have many people here that care for you deeply.
    I too have a tear……..

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