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Nov 182012
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Sometimes art replicates life and it often, in my experience, only becomes obvious when you have time to reflect on it a little.
I made this image at St Bathans (no prizes for that guess) when I was there with Paul and Ian recently. I a few hours later received an email with a very intriguing offer of some work, in fact a project that would not only be worthwhile but would be a heck of a lot of fun and a great learning experience. It ticks all the boxes!!!
At the time of making this image I had no real understanding what I was seeing other than something interesting and I hoped to capture it in an unusual and interesting way (yes I know I was dreaming this has been shot to death!)
It occurs to me upon reflection that this is a self portrait capturing the situation I was to find myself in just a few hours later. Do I jump into the water and hope I don't drown or do I stay safely on the platform awaiting rescue, the ultimate question.
The answer isn't that simple really, contracts to be sorted, many people involved, more that a small amount of logistical problems to be resolved but feel confident in the knowledge that what you can't see in this image is me, goggles on, in my red Speedos ready to dive in……..





I hope that you didn't go visual on that last thought……… did didn't you, that is your nightmare to deal with!!!

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  4 Responses to “The Platform”

  1. Im not sure that anyone has actually been rescued from a platform like that one. To get off you will have to dive in………….

    But RED SPEEDOS!!!!!!

  2. Dont really need the red Speedo image in my head thank you very much. Sometimes you just have to give it a go what have you to lose?

  3. Interesting that you call your image ‘Platform’. Launch yourself from this platform, Ferg! Like an astronaut – helmet, spacesuit, heading for the stratosphere. A more inspiring connotation for you, and a less distressing image for the rest of us! 😉

  4. red speedos aside…. I like this image !
    it intrigues me. As I have not been to the spot in question I do not know the relationship of the platform to the shore or anything else, I look at it and wonder what stories it holds, who has been on it and what they were thinking while sitting there.

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