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Nov 162012
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In March 2013 I will have the opportunity to exhibit some of my work in Bologna, Italy.  I'm really looking forward to being able to do that.  However the curator of the exhibition wants the work to be presented in a square format, something that my images don't seem to respond to that well.  So… what do you do when faced with a challenge….. for me it is about the opportunity to push into an area that is uncomfortable and see what happens.  And this is it !

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  3 Responses to “Symmetry 1”

  1. This image is kool, beautiful tones & nice symmetry.

  2. Love this – and Id like to see a series of them..

    I find it interesting that you find square to be an uncomfortable place.
    For me it feels natural and it often one of the first things I think of. I love that square is a place where the “rule of thirds” does not apply, where “subject in the middle” is a great way to compose and where symmetry is the king. A square crop is all about simplicity.
    I often think that I should spend some time with a Rolleiflex or a Hasselblad and a big pile of FP4.

  3. I agree with Ian, I’d love to see a series of these. Outstanding, you never fail to impress…….

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