Kaitorete Spit

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Nov 152012
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Have I told you that Birdlings Flat and its home, Kaitorete Spit, count among my favourite places to ‘be’?  Perhaps I should have instead asked how many times I’ve told you they’re some of my favourite places to be!
Anyway, I was a bit jealous that I missed out on the aGathering field trip to Birdlings Flat recently, and seeing all the resulting images appearing here, I thought I’d better go back through mine, so I could join in.
So here’s a view you probably didn’t see on the day.  The Pacific Ocean on the left, Lake Ellesmere on the right, and the beautiful Kaitorete Spit afloat between, with Birdlings Flat tucked away at its bottom corner.
A fabulous place to simply ‘be’

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  2 Responses to “Kaitorete Spit”

  1. I have never been up that hill – but it is now on my to do list.

    Birdlings Flat is a great place to “be” but I have found the actual feeling of the place difficult to capture.

    I probably just need to go back again and again.

    • I’ve been visiting for half a century, Ian, not that I can remember the earliest visits! It hasn’t changed much. The feeling of being there is inside me, but my photographs don’t come close. One day, maybe.

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