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Nov 122012
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Over the weekend I happened on a small photography exhibit in a local mall. I wandered in, read the summary and had a nosey around. The exhibit was a selection of photos from a recent trip to New York City by a young man (kid really) who had only enough money to spend 2 weeks there. I'm getting a little ahead of myself though…

I'm not sure to what my American sentimentality made me spend a long time looking at the images on display, but I suspect not that much really. I was immediately impressed by the compositions, quality of presentation and size of the works. This was not just a handful of A4 or A3 prints hanging on the wall, the whole set had been well crafted. (Score 1 more for the art of printing)

After enjoying them long enough that my wife had finished and found her way to the shoe shop, I introduced myself to the person sitting in the corner reading his Kindle. Jake was his name. I conveyed my enjoyment of his efforts and asked what he used to shoot them, fully expecting a reply something in line with a 120 film or old medium format camera because of the size and quality of prints. Fuji X100 with a 23mm fixed lens was the answer I got. I clarified that ALL of them, especially the A0 sized canvas of Manhattan, were with that camera. Yup.

I asked him a bit more about the trip, thereby learning that this had been accomplished within a period of 2 weeks in parallel with all the normal touristy bits. He then scraped together enough money to get some printed, rent the space for a week and had sold copies of all but 1 of the images. Fearless indeed.

The exhibit is now over, but you can see his work and purchase prints at www.jakemetzgerphotography.com.

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  1. Dave, what a find you’ve made. I’ve had a look at Jake’s site and his images reveal a talent and energy that gave me a real kick in the backside. Makes me want to up the anti in my own work – so much fearless vision as you so rightly comment. This has been a treat, thanks for sharing

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