Nov 112012
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Like a magpie, I was drawn to the shiny things; the ripples of the Huatoki Stream enlivened by the city lights and, despite the lack of tripod, propped and steadied myself against the heavy concrete bridge railing to capture the twinkling and sparkling that had caught my eye.

Initially my eye had concentrated on the patches of streetlit silver, but given that my zoom was my feet;  any closer would result in not just them being wet but all of me, my camera and probably a lot more besides; I had to make images with a wider view, knowing that I would crop in during post production.

Several images into editing, experimenting with different crops to find balance in the patches of ripples nothing seemed really to tug at me the way it does when I know I’ve found “the one”. I kept coming back to this vertical wider view. It was the play between the bridge surrounds and the water – unsettling, and the painterly feel. It wasn’t until I started digging deeper into the shadows that I noticed the guy, just sitting there with his head down, a bottle in his hands. I would have seen him here as I was making exposures but was completely unaware such was my “mindset” at the time. On some other level we’d connected.

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  4 Responses to “Crossing Places, Huatoki Stream, October 2012”

  1. Strong image. For me it’s speaks of the physical and spiritual worlds. Perhaps even about what draws us from one to the other.

  2. I would have liked to have seen a bit more light on the man sitting there. I didn’t pick him out until you mentioned him in your comments. For me it would make the image much more profound.

    • Thanks for constructive input Pauline! I, too, wondered if there should be more illumination there and tried that but suddenly there was too much information. Having said that, this web sized image doesn’t have the same amount of subtle detail that the original full size image does so I guess that next time I would take that into account and process differently for this purpose.

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