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Nov 092012
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One out of the bag for me an image I have no intention of changing to Chromatic Greyscale. I love the textures in the image, I love the story it tells me, can you see it, are you really looking at the image or are you after the quick gratification of all the story being up front & not having to SEE what is on offer. I can see it because I took it, I played with it, and I added the right amount of vintage film effect to satisfy my desire for this image to be born onto the digital canvas. I created it like a director on a movie set, I storyboarded the event, and I had the printed image in my head. Yes the hair is this red. I have said it before, is this image about the model or is it about the person behind the lens, I believe it is more about the photographer than the person you are photographing.
For me this image has awoken a new dimension of colour within my photography.

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  1. Great to see some colour Scott.

    I see a message of confrontation from your model which I don’t completely believe. Red hair, tats and a defiant look seem to be her message. However you have presented it with warm soft light which tells another story completelly.
    So the story I get is someone with attitude but a great girl to know

  2. Nice colour

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