Monster of the Deep

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Nov 082012
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Recently I spent a pleasant afternoon contemplating the Universe on the beach at Birdlings Flat. Others in this collective would have you believe I was asleep but to prove that I wasn't I post this image.
I was sitting watching the surf considering the power of the waves and the fact that a guy had been lost off this beach only days before, I started to think about the power not only of the waves but of what lies below the waters surface. Tim has shown us some great underwater images and I love them but I dont see a time where I will be able to do the same but I bet he has never photographed this species though, “Driftius woodus” a monster of the deep.

We have no real idea of the power the oceans hold, if we did we would be very afraid!!!!

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  3 Responses to “Monster of the Deep”

  1. Nice, the ocean is an awesome place.

  2. Love it – Im just imagining lines of these things marching up the beach from the sea…..

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a creature that looks just like this. The ocean is also a very weird place.

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