Birdlings Flat 2

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Nov 042012
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Another image from the day at Birdlings Flat.

I found it a refreshing and very enjoyable experience to sit on the beach and photograph. I havnt been doing enough of it…..

Although my October folder in my Lightroom catalogue has 1100 odd images in it very few of them are “my” images. There are lots kids riding horses and many images for the RDA calendar but only a handful for me.

Its a good reflection of how things have been going recently. I have been very busy doing things that relate to my art but not actually doing it. Printing and framing for an exhibition, preparing and giving camera club talks, judging and the ongoing production of New Zealand Camera are all “art related” activities that must count towards the 10000 hours. But they arn’t actually doing it.

Going somewhere, absorbing the place or activity then reacting to it and capturing some raw data is the start of the process. Then downloading, selecting and massaging images into something that reflects the way I was thinking is the next step. The final images need to evolve over several days as I reflect on what I have done then change, tweak and consider the results.

The artmaking is the bit I have been missing. None of the other stuff counts if the artmaking stops.


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  1. so true. try going on holiday without co,puter qnd only with camera. total rlexation! Except when using q french keyboqrd !!! in internet cqfe! lol

  2. Yes there is a lesson there. It’s easy to get so evolved in something that you don’t get to spend any time doing it anymore. But someone has to do it.

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