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Chris and Johanna have featured in a couple of images I've posted on aGathering. The previous photos have been from their recent wedding, but I came to be acquainted with them after joining Crossfit Christchurch in the first half of 2011. Chris and Jo are co-owners of the gym with another couple. Among other topical text painted on the walls of the gym is the appropriate reference to physical stamina show behind them.

This graphic in particular has taken on a life of its own for both the owners and members of the Christchurch box. ('Box' is a slang term among members of the CrossFit community for a gym) The story starts as normal for most Christchurch residents: February 22nd, 2011 saw the end of their original facility. A great deal of effort and soul searching led them to a 2nd site which started over almost from scratch with new members and new equipment. The team slowly built up the client base, fit out the building and got things back to where they were before.

A painful twist in the story arrived in August of this year. The bureaucratic powers that be eventually managed a follow-up cursory inspection that deemed the site was not safe for use. Most locals will roll their eyes knowing full well that the same people will have cleared it in the first place. The unfortunate result of this particular assessment was another round of nearly unmanageable stress on the business owners who had to begin looking for yet another location to start over. The literal amount of blood sweat and tears they all poured in to their dream of creating a CrossFit community with a home was being challenged again.

After 6 weeks of insanity, outdoor workouts in the rain and cold by members who also refused to give up on them, and an imminent contract signing on the table, a “re-inspection” undertaken by independent engineers at the cost of the building owners indicated that it was safe after all. Cue more contempt from locals and hopefully a an empathetic disgust for the idiocy that passes for some areas of government from everyone. I guess they mean well, but holy crap do they go about it with little or no demonstrable regard for the effect their semi-casual decisions have on the lives of so many people. I happen to know this story in some detail, but I know of far too many others just like it to give benefit of the doubt to the whole process.

Hang in there CrossFit Christchurch

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  1. Yes there are lots of stories like this. It amazes me that some businesses have hung in for so long. With delays caused by planning and insurance issues how many will survive the next two years? Brilliant image David. Really tells the story

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