Nov 012012
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I don’t know what it is, but I have never found photography to be a sociable activity. I can be sociable without a camera in my hand but as soon as I pick it up I feel a strong urge to wander as far in the other direction as possible. Sometimes I’d rather just sit and talk instead of photograph.

It seems to be a function of the strength of the connection I feel to the people around me; it takes physical disassociation to separate the threads that bind us. On this day of the gathering of aGathering, we all did our own thing. The waves were crashing, thundering and leaping as they made the abrupt halt to their journey from across the Pacific. Their power entranced me and I spent some time mesmerised by the intense and explosive forces, but for safety’s sake I couldn’t get close enough to tell the story I could hear. Being restricted (self imposed in an attempt to keep my cabin baggage under 11kg when 7 is the limit) to a single 50mm prime encouraged me to dig a little deeper into the surroundings and explore the less obvious.

Sometimes the less obvious is not at all obvious until I cast my eye across them once they’re safely ensconced in my hard drive. I collect them all the same… I know now that the subconscious is a better guide than my intellect and there is always point to the exercise. This has become part of a long term and ongoing narrative around death and rebirth.


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  2 Responses to “When Worlds Collide, Birdlings Flat, October 2012.”

  1. Where worlds collide is a perfect summary of Birdlings Flat.
    And your image says collision wonderfully.
    I love that we all see these things so differently

  2. Really love this image. Two halves making a whole?

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